Feb 13, 2023

What to do This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re so excited for everything about it. We’re taking a break from our boudoir photoshoots, and painting our nails  pink, and buying boxes of Sweetheart candies. While pretty much everyone at Naked Peach is taken (I mean have you seen how beautiful our team is? It makes sense), we also highly prioritize time with the girls. So here’s how we’re spending not only Valentine’s Day, but Galentine’s too, to jog brain for your plans!

Hoes Before Bros – This is What We’re Doing for Galentine’s Day!

A woman with blonde hair is sitting on the ground with her legs staggered. There is a pink tinsley backdrop, accompanied with a pink chair, floral vase, and pink cake. There are disco balls and a glittery fabric on the floor. The model is wearing a hot pink one-piece suit, pink Juice shocks, and pink bedazzled sunglasses.

Ann Pyne for Naked Peach Boudoir Photography

Besides the fact that we spent our weekend with our boudoir besties, we of course have plans with our girl friends outside of work! There’s the classic getting dressed up and getting drinks with your besties at a fancy bar. And make sure you take all the pictures to post on Instagram, and film all the TikToks. We want to see how great you look!

We also highly recommend a night in wine a bottle of wine (or two, or three) and your favorite rom-com for our more lowkey girlies. You could spice it up with a fun drinking card game like “We’re Not Really Strangers” or “Truth or Drink”. Sure you know your girls, but you can get to know them even more on a fun and intimate night like this.

And for our sober friends, we see you. Our go-to at Naked Peach is taking spicy selfies to send to your significant other. Check out our wide array of posing videos here! Also, here are even more ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Pretend you’re at your very own boudoir photoshoot!

A close up shot of the ground of a woman's feet in Juicy pink socks and pink slip on kitten feels. Her legs are covered in tattoos. On the ground is a sparkly fabric, disco balls, and pink heart shaped decorative cake.

Ann Pyne for Naked Peach Boudoir Photography

And for our not so single ladies… Here’s what The Peaches are up to!

The classic dinner and movie combo. What can go wrong?

If have the day off together, pamper together! Look up your local soaking pool, spa, or sauna and get relaxed y’all. You deserve it.

For our food connoisseurs, here’s a cute idea. Make heart shaped pizzas! From personal to large, from scratch to store bought, knead your crust into a heart shape before adding your toppings. Accompany your meal with a charcuterie board or homemade chocolate chip cookies. Whether it’s a bust or banger, your partner will love the effort you put into it!

We hope you have the most fun, exciting, lovely Valentine’s Day with whoever you choose to spend it with! And if it’s just yourself, that’s what we love to hear the most. 💞💘

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