Jan 20, 2023

Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photoshoot!

Erin wears a yellow lingerie bodysuit and poses for her boudoir photography session

Erin for Naked Peach Boudoir Photography

Is it just me, or does it feel like something always goes wrong right before a big event you’ve prepared for weeks for? Self tanner lotion being too orange right before prom, cuts on your legs from shaving the night before a first date, or messing up your bang trim right before a big job interview? We try so hard to make these milestones perfect, but it’s almost like we try a little too hard. Here at Naked Peach, we’ve experienced just about every little thing that could go wrong before a shoot. So here’s what we’ve learned (and recommend!) to prepare for your boudoir session.


  1. Whether you’re touching up some gray, or want to try a whole new shade for your shoot, please don’t dye your hair the day before! You never know if you’re going to love it, or if you accidentally bought the wrong color. We recommend fixing all things hair, about a few weeks before.
  2. Waxing for the first time? Well, we feel special. We’ve seen the best results on those who have at least three waxing appointments before your shoot. Reactions to waxing and sugaring are more common than you think! If you’re an experienced waxer or sugarer, doing so two days before your shoot has the best results.
  3. If you’re planning on getting your brows in tip top shape, we recommend doing so the week before your shoot.  Having a bad reaction is the last thing you want for your big day!
  4. Getting your nails done? Do them the week of your session! We will think you look great, but you might not love seeing nail growth when you get your pictures back.
A woman with brown hair lays on her side and poses on a green couch against a brick wall for her boudoir photography session

Mariah by Naked Peach Photography


  1. The sun, duh. Maybe one day we’ll find sunburns and farmer’s tans sexy, but it’s not now.
  2. Spray tans. It can really show up in photos. Just trust us. But if you’re a professional, have lots of experience in airbrushed spray tans, and just don’t feel like yourself without one, then we’ll trust you.
  3. You’re gonna hate us for this one, but try to consume less salt and alcohol. And because we can’t stop there, drink way more water than you usually do. It helps your skin glow. You’ll thank us later.



  1. Working out, hiking, or anything that’ll make you sore. If you need further convincing, it’s because we don’t want you to come sore for your session, as it’ll be a workout in itself!
  2. Shaving, if you’re apt to razor burn. That one’s self explanatory.
A blonde woman with a sleeve of tattoos sits nude on a bed covered with a sheet.

Heather for Naked Peach Boudoir Photography


  1. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re a bad bitch
  2. Don’t work out (Need I repeat it? Just thank us we’re giving you an excuse to not work out)
  3. Eat a nutritious breakfast so you can feel like your energized self during the shoot. Bonus points for including a banana, which will help prevent any cramping when you’re holding poses.
  4. Shower, wash and dry your hair. Your hair and makeup artist will thank you.
  5. Moisturize your body, so you look glistening and glowing! Just avoid those ones with the glitter and self tanner, for the love of God.
  6. Wear loose fitting clothes, and go commando. That’s right baby, we’re saying no underwear, bra, or socks. These tight things will wear marks on your skin.
  7. Use clear deodorant so it doesn’t show up on yourself or outfit!
  8. SLEEP! You don’t want to be lacking sleep on any day, especially on that of your boudoir shoot.


I bet you didn’t think of these things huh? Well, we didn’t want you showing up to your shoot absolutely exhausted, or with an uneven tan. A boudoir shoot is all about feeling your best. Oh, and I guess you might want to look it too.