Feb 6, 2023

Make a Mood Board for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Before coming to a boudoir shoot, we like to ask our clients to make a mood board. You might think, why do you have me make a mood board for my boudoir photoshoot when you are the professionals? Well, we have a few answers for you, as well as some other tips to consider when planning your photoshoot.

A woman is modeling for a boudoir photoshoot in a hotel room. She is laying down on a gray couch in nude underwear. She has her hand in her hair, is wearing heavy makeup, and big dangly, silver earrings.

Alma for Naked Peach Boudoir Photography

Why should I make a mood board?

  1. Think of it as prepping for an important work meeting. Well, except that this is way more fun. When you have something special you care about, it’s important to come prepared. It makes your boudoir photoshoot have a much better result than if you were to come up and just wing it. And why is that?
  2. Finding pictures you like helps the photographer create a final outcome that feels the most “you.”
  3. Saving poses and outfits you like helps your photoshoot go smoother. It also allows for more time for creativity in your shoot, so you spend less time worrying about specifics!
  4. It brings new ideas to the table. By bringing your eye to the shoot, and picking out inspo photos that strike something in you, together we’re able to create a unique final outcome!
  5. If you’re making a board ahead of time see something you like with a cool outfit or prop that’s calling to you, you’ll be able to get them in time for your shoot! Maybe you’ll discover a new lingerie site, order a sparkly cowboy hat, or find a nail design that you absolutely need.
A woman is modeling for her boudoir photoshoot in a photo studio in Portland, Oregon. She is leaning backwards in a black sex swing, with her hair hanging down behind her head. She is barefoot and wearing a strappy black bra and underwear set. Her eyes are closed.

By Naked Peach Boudoir Photography

How do I make a mood board?

  1. Maybe we’re biased, but our Instagram is a great place to start. We recommend scrolling our feed and saving to an Instagram collection! That when it comes to your photoshoot, you can easily pull up your Insta and show us what you love. Obviously, you can also find other stuff on the app to add. Try hashtags like #boudoir #boudoirphotography #posing and #photoshoot for more ideas.
  2. Maybe you swear by Pinterest for everything, or maybe you forgot it existed. Whatever your case may be, we can’t recommend the app enough. Make yourself a board, and scroll endlessly for ideas. Just like Instagram, a million posts come up for any term related to your boudoir photoshoot. Also try searching: lingerie, the theme of your shoot if you have one (self love, bridal, bondage, etc.), and boudoir poses. We also have a Pinterest if you want to save some of our tips & tricks. (Okay yes, this time we are biased.)
  3. Take screenshots from our website. If you have too many accounts online or are just lazy (we’re not judging), you can just have these ready to go on the Photos folder in your phone to reference throughout your photoshoot!
  4. We post photos from every shoot to our Facebook Group! You can save photos there, and also get updates, hear our random juicy thoughts, and meet other cool people. 😎

So, get to it girls, gays and theys. Save up a storm, and thank us later.

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