Aug 29, 2022

How to Personalize Your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir isn’t just about being sexy – it’s about celebrating you in all your glory!

Each boudoir session is a unique and individual experience. Why? Because we want to capture what makes you who you are –  there is no one else out there like you! To that end, we love helping our clients personalize their boudoir sessions to make sure that your photos capture ALL of you.

An easy way to personalize your boudoir experience is to bring in props! Props are fun to incorporate into your shoot and really help us to tell a story about who you are. The best way to determine what props to bring is to sit down and draw from your life. Ask yourself:

1. What makes you feel most like yourself?

2. What are your favorite things to do?

3. Are there any items in your life that simply bring you joy?

4. Are there items that can represent the things you love to do?

Use your answers to determine which items from your life will best represent who you are and what you love. Your props might be sexy, like a piece of lingerie you already own, or you might bring a t-shirt that means a lot to you – or it might have nothing to do with clothes or underwear at all! Either way, we can work with it, if it matters to you.

Here are some examples of items our clients have brought to their shoot to personalize their experience:

– Maps and her passport to represent her love for travel

– A helmet to show off her love for motocross

– A family heirloom chair to pose on

– A trenchcoat that reminded her of Billie Eilish’s Vogue photoshoot

– Burgers and fries (because, duh!)

– Fake crows to represent her love for Halloween

…and more! The props you bring to your boudoir shoot can be just about anything, as long as they matter to you.

If you are planning on giving your boudoir photos to your partner, then perhaps something that belongs to your partner – we love incorporating partners’ button-up shirts into photoshoots! You can also bring something that represents your relationship, or something they’ve gifted you. If you’re doing a bridal boudoir session, consider bringing in some of your bridal items, like your veil, garter, bridal jewelry, or an item to represent your “something blue.”

However, most of our shoots are done for self-love and for fun. That’s why we recommend props that relate to you and YOUR interests! If you are a reader, bring a favorite book of yours; if you collect vintage records, we can do some fun posing with that. What we love most about doing boudoir is being able to show off how incredible you are, and your interests and hobbies are a huge part of that.

We want to capture you in all your beauty! No matter what your vision for your boudoir shoot is, we want to bring it to life and help you celebrate yourself! If you are in the Portland, OR area or planning on visiting soon, reach out to us here to book a boudoir session or get more info.