Aug 29, 2022

How To Choose Your Boudoir Photographer

Choosing your boudoir photographer is a big decision – here’s how to make sure you’re happy with yours!

Having a boudoir session done is a vulnerable and exhilarating experience. When choosing a photographer to capture the beauty that is YOU, you want someone who will provide an exciting experience and someone who understands the level of vulnerability and trust that goes into a session. You need a photographer who is going to treat you like the queen you are! Here are our tips for choosing a boudoir photographer that is right for you!

1. What Does Their Experience Look Like?

Boudoir photography is in its own realm when it comes to the world of photography. You absolutely need someone who is specialized in boudoir specifically. Wedding + engagement photography is nice, but having someone who is experienced in the art of boudoir will be able to style you well, guide you into poses that will make you look SNATCHED, and provide photos that will make your jaw drop. That’s why we recommend boudoir studios like ours, you will have a whole team of experienced photographers that know what they are doing when it comes to your pictures!

2. Make Sure They Offer The Works

You are paying for photos that will make you look and feel more confident than ever! That is why you should look for a photographer that offers the works! We’re talking about a client closet full of stunning lingerie, professional hair and makeup for your shoot, a luxury experience the day of your session, a studio that you love the look of, and a variety of prints for you to have after your shoot. Boudoir is a full experience, and you should be getting the best experience for your investment. Here at Naked Peach Boudoir, we offer ALL of this, because we know that this is the experience of a lifetime and you deserve to feel like royalty!

3. You Need a Photographer Who Makes You Feel Comfortable

As mentioned before, your boudoir shoot can be a vulnerable experience. You are putting yourself out there, and while we have seen incredible transformations from our clients in terms of their self-confidence, we understand that leading up to the shoot there can be a lot of nerves. You need a boudoir photographer who gets it! Someone who will respect you and put your comfort above all else. We are a team of female photographers who put our clients’ needs above anything else. You do not have to get naked or pose in ways that make you uncomfortable when you are with us at our studio, because we cater the experience to you.

4. Really Look At Their Work

There are a lot of boudoir photographers out there. We encourage you to really look at their work to make sure that you like what they can do for you. Every studio has a unique style in how they pose and edit their photos. Look through their Instagram, Pinterest, website, and more to get a sense of their style. We also encourage you to look at the range of people they photograph. Make sure they are a photographer who is inclusive of plus size and POC individuals in their work – if they can make a diverse range of clients look good in their pictures, then you can trust that they will make you look good too!

5. What Are Their Reviews Like?

It’s easy for boudoir photographers to make themselves sound good, but they can’t control what other people have to say about their experience with them. We encourage you to look at their reviews and see what other people have to say. While every business has a handful of not-so-nice reviews, you will absolutely be able to tell if they have a trend of providing poor service or amazing service.

Thinking about booking us for your boudoir experience? We would LOVE to have you. For more information, book a free consultation with us or meet our team!

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