Aug 29, 2022

Boudoir Doesn’t Have to Be Overly Feminine

Boudoir is about what makes YOU feel sexy. Here at Naked Peach Boudoir, we are ALL about female empowerment! We do boudoir because we want you to feel sexy, empowered, and confident just the way you are.

Usually, when people think about boudoir, a few things come to mind; frilly lingerie, curvy bodies, long hair, and all things girly and feminine. While that is what many of our boudoir clients enjoy, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable embracing traditional femininity.

We believe that female empowerment is about embracing all humans with feminine energy, no matter their level of femininity. Boudoir can be dark, boudoir can be masculine, boudoir does not need frills, florals, or pink. You should NEVER feel like you can’t do a boudoir shoot because you aren’t feminine enough!

In fact, here are some ways we can make your boudoir session less feminine to fit your vibe:

Leather Lingerie

Leather (or faux leather) can be used to make your session darker and sharper. Leather can be hard, dark, and intimidating while still being sexy. A perfect option for someone who wants to feel really sexy without any of the pink, lace, or frills.

Masculine Clothes

To achieve a more masculine or androgynous look in your boudoir photos, we recommend choosing some clothing items that are traditionally masculine. This could be boxers, overalls, a tie, or anything else that you would feel comfortable posing in. These kinds of items help to create an overall look that is a closer balance between the feminine and masculine.

Button Up Shirts

Button-up shirts are a great way to feel sexy and light in your photos without having to be covered in lace. You can achieve a more authentic and natural vibe in your photos that let us highlight the way you look without adding any ‘girly’ elements.

Shake Up The Posing

Because curvy bodies are often seen as the feminine ideal, we have many clients who want to accentuate their curves to show off and embrace their femininity – resulting in a very feminine session. If you are someone who does not want an overly feminine shoot, we can work with you on posing in a way that minimizes curves and creates a shoot that has a nice balance between the two or even creating something more masculine.

Bring Props

If you are someone who does not want an overly feminine boudoir shoot, then you likely are not an overly feminine person – which is AMAZING! We want you to embrace who you ARE in your session, this is a great opportunity to bring in props that are significant to you as a person. These can be hobbies or items that are special to you, which will help us create a shoot that matches your vibe specifically, creating the perfect representation of who you are!

We want to capture you in all your beauty! No matter how masculine or feminine you might be, we want to lift you up through the power of boudoir! If you are in the Portland OR area or planning on visiting soon, reach out to us here for more info.

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