Aug 29, 2022

Boudoir, Body Image, & Your Best Self

You don’t have to be confident to book a boudoir shoot – you just need to show up, and the confidence will come later!

Throughout our team’s time as a boudoir photographer, it has become abundantly clear how our bodies are scrutinized by the media and society, especially as women. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that we are taught to hate our bodies, and therefore, ourselves. That, however, is the exact reason why we started a boudoir photography studio – to empower women to love their bodies and themselves, regardless of what society thinks of your body.

We can’t tell you the number of clients we have talked to who feel unsure about their decision to do a boudoir shoot. The reasons they give are many, from “I need to lose the baby weight,” to “I’m not pretty enough,” to “I’m not photogenic.”

We can relate to all of it – but at the end of the day, those are just different ways to say that you aren’t feeling confident. Trust us, each member of our team is an expert in self-doubt – or at least, we all used to be. Each one of us has been on a journey to gain self-acceptance, and now we are here, shooting boudoir photography in Portland, OR, using what we’ve learned to help other women feel confident. That’s not to say we don’t still struggle – but we try our darndest to intentionally love ourselves, every day, and to set a good example for our clients and practice what we preach.

Learning to love and accept your body as it is and to become the best version of yourself is a journey. It takes time to learn HOW to love and accept yourself. Thankfully, your boudoir shoot can be a HUGE step in that journey. A majority of our clients are still in the beginning stages of their self-love journeys. They have started doing the work, and they decided that a boudoir shoot would be a great way to give themselves some self-care – and they are 100% correct. A boudoir session is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Not only is the spotlight on you the whole time, but you get to choose lingerie from our client closet that makes you feel amazing and pose in ways that make you feel beautiful and powerful. Not to mention, you will have stunning photographs that become a daily reminder of how beautiful you really are.

Everyone we have done a boudoir session with has told us how empowering the experience was for them. Our clients often tell us that doing a boudoir session allowed them to take back their power, to be their best self, to accept themselves exactly as they are, or to see themselves in an entirely new light. All of this is to say that you may feel a little nervous before your boudoir shoot, but that is normal. It is a sign that you are doing something great for yourself, and at the end of the day, you will be so happy that you did it! If you are in the Portland OR area or plan on visiting soon, we would love to have you come in for a session! For more information, book a consultation with us here.