Aug 29, 2022

12 Things You Should Do To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot

Here’s a timeline of how to prepare for your boudoir session prep, from the month before your shoot to the morning of your session!

So, you booked your boudoir shoot – now what? Like anyone doing something new and exciting for the first time, you probably have a million questions. What should I wear? When should I shave? Do I need to come wearing a full face of makeup?

You are in luck because we have everything laid out for you in this handy blog post! Below, we’ll cover everything from if you should work out to what you should wear the day of your session.

plus size woman posing for boudoir photos in a leopard print pink bodysuit in Portland Oregon boudoir photography studio


1. Do Not Work Out The Day Before Your Shoot

Really, don’t do anything that is going to make you sore before your boudoir session. Working out, helping a friend move, taking a 12 mile hike – you get the idea. It is best to be able to move with ease at your shoot because we will be trying a variety of different poses. If you are sore, then you will not be able to get into certain poses, or it will be very uncomfortable. Trust me, your boudoir shoot will be a workout!

2. Eat Breakfast The Morning Of Your Shoot

As mentioned in the last point, your boudoir shoot will be a workout. Make sure you eat breakfast so that you will feel energized and ready to take on your session!

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3. Treat Yourself To Some Salon Time

Fine details like your nails and eyebrows often get overlooked when preparing for a session. However, it is those small details that really help to tie your photos together to look AMAZING. About a week before your shoot, we suggest treating yourself to a manicure and trimming, waxing, or threading your eyebrows how you like them. This can be at a salon or you can DIY at home. Either way, you will be happy you took care of those extra details.

4. Skip Tanning

At least a week before your session, we suggest you skip tanning of all kinds. Both spray tans or your traditional forms of tanning. Spray tans can be streaky and cause unsightly dark pores in your photos. Tanning (either in a bed or outside) can cause tan lines and redness – all major don’ts for a boudoir session.

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5. Wax 2 Days Before, or Shave The Day Before

If you want to trim up or remove any body hair before your session, we highly recommend doing so prior to the day of your shoot. If you’re waxing, book your appointment for at least two days before your session; if you’re shaving, do it the night before. And make sure to exfoliate before you shave or wax, and moisturize afterwards! This way, you can avoid having any redness, razor bumps, or irritation showing on your skin during your shoot.

6. Avoid Bloat-Inducing Foods

If you’re worried about bloating, we suggest avoiding foods high in sodium as well as cruciferous vegetables and beans the week before your shoot.

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7. Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking a good amount of water a few days before your session will help you with feeling energized at your session, and ensure you have glowing skin for your shoot.

8. Wash Your Hair + Face

When you show up to your shoot, make sure you have clean and dry hair, as well as a freshly washed and moisturized face. This provides us with a blank canvas to do your hair and makeup for the shoot!

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9. Clear Deodorant Is a Must

When preparing for your shoot the day of, you should also make sure you are paying attention to your body. Moisturize well before your shoot and make sure that you use clear deodorant instead of a white version. This way you will not have white streaks left on the lingerie during your session

10. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

We have a huge client closet to choose from, and we will be working to style you for your shoot. All you need to wear to your shoot is loose-fitting clothes to avoid any lines on your body, like a big maxi dress or seamless leggings and a flowy top. We even suggest skipping the socks, underwear, and bra if you can. The fewer lines on your body from your street clothes, the better.

woman posing on a fire escape in a trench coat and lingerie for a boudoir photoshoot in portland oregon


11. What to Bring

If you have any favorite pieces of lingerie, bring them! It’s always nice to have a backup set that you know you love. If you have a pair of high or platform black or nude heels, bring those, too – heels are great for adding an extra something to your boudoir photos and making your legs look miles long. And of course, we love when clients bring personal items, be it your partner’s shirt, a favorite book, a pair of handcuffs, or a memento from a favorite travel destination. Personal touches will make your photos even more unique to you.

12. Relax!

You just made it through a long list of do’s and don’ts for your session, but the most important thing to remember is that this is a session for YOU! So we encourage you to relax and take time for yourself leading up to the shoot. The more relaxed you are the more enjoyable our time together will be (and some of the best photos happen when everyone is having an amazing time)!

Haven’t booked your session yet? We would love to have you! If you live in the Portland OR area or plan on visiting here soon, meet our team or book your session!

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